This route is a definite recommendation if you want to spend 2,5 - 3 hours in the car driving slowly enjoying sundowners (or coffee in the morning!)

This route starts at Crocodile Bridge Gate.

You take the main road to Lower Sabie the H4 2.

The veld of the S25 near Crocodile Bridge and White Rhino

This is the typical open veld with sweet grass close to Crocodile Bridge Gate off the the S25. Note the White Rhino in the background.

Tip : Visualise the animal that you want to see. Know the type of animals you can expect to see in the area and you will be more successfull at game viewing.

About 2 km from Camp you turn left on the S25. In this area watch out for Lion, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog and White Rhino. There is also a resident Cheetha which is seen often.

See video of the resident Cheetah.

You then can visit the Hippo Pools , just off the S25 on the S27. Watch out for White Rhino in this area.

You will enjoy some great game viewing on the S25. Wild Dog are sometimes seen on this road, particularly in the early mornings and late afternoons.

There is more to see than the Big 5 in Kruger and if you take time to watch the more common animals you may be surprised at how interesting it is.

This young male baboon was filmed on the S25 one late afternoon when he decided to get up to some hanky panky with one of the female baboons. Clearly not the alpha male of the troop the ladies would have noting of it. It is quite moments like this which turns Kruger into a whole experience and not just sightings of the big 5.


Just accross a little low water bridge you turn right on the S108. Giraffe is often seen in this area.

You will then turn right where the S108 and the H5 meet.

Here is a short video clip of the H5 in late summer from this point.


You will then meet the tar road between Lower Sabie and Crocodile Bridge Gate. The distance from here to the gate is 14 km.

Signboards giving directions and distances are found all over Kruger


Do not leave too little time to reach the gate before closing time as they do set speed traps in Kruger especially for people that is late in leaving Kruger.

Speeding in Kruger is pointless anyway. You are there to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

First turn left towards Lower Sabie to see if see something at the waterhole on the left. About 500 meters from the T Junction.

Head down the Tar road back to Crocodile Bridge.

You should drive an average of about 30km per hour if you want to have a good game viewing trip. Relax and enjoy!

This route described is also one that is often used by the guided Night Drives of the Kruger National Park and these game guides should know what is best.

At night in summer a Night Drive is very enjoyable when the smell of Potatoe Bush fills the air.

You might be lucky and see a leopard or even luckier and spot the rarer Wild Dogs or Cheetha.


Note: There are no toilets on this route so especially the ladies should visit the toilets at Crocodile Bridge entrance gate. You might just spot something exciting like a Lion Kill on this route not wanting to turn back for private nature matters!